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2017 Annual Conference Speakers

Below you will find information about the speakers and their sessions, including sample videos.

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The Speakers

Rhett Laubach | | Rhett Laubach on Twitter @RhettLaubach

Rhett LaubachRhett Laubach has changed the way thousands of people across the nation think about leadership. As a professional speaker, author, presentations coach, leadership expert and owner of YourNextSpeaker, LLC, Rhett Laubach has taught leadership skills for 20 years, to one million audience members and in 48 states, the Bahamas and Canada.

Rhett is a 2014 brain tumor survivor. This experience has added a multitude of profound and powerful lessons that few presenters have the opportunity to share. Rhett's clients include students, educators and business professionals in the agriculture, sales, human resource, banking, health, transportation and insurance industries. His programs are high-energy and high-impact. You can find links to all of Rhett’s material, as well as information about his keynotes and workshops at

Rhett lives in Edmond, Oklahoma and is a dedicated Christian, husband, father and community leader. As a seasoned veteran, he guarantees to make you think, make you laugh and make you better!

Sunday Evening Session Title: Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

How a conference begins sets the tone for the entire experience. Rhett Laubach has presented at thousands of conferences over his 20-year speaking career and knows how to fully engage an audience. Rhett will help kick-off our event with a session designed to prepare you fully for a valuable and meaningful time spent old friends and new acquaintances.

Monday Morning Session Title: Working in the 17% Zone

Rhett Laubach has motivated and trained over one million individuals throughout his 20-year career as a professional speaker, leadership expert and presentations coach. This interactive, hands-on session will breakdown what matters most to get, stay and effective influence others to fully engage at work. Research shows that only 17% of the population are actively engaged at work. This session will leave you with tangible, relevant tools for getting your practice in the 17% Zone!

Judy Kay Mausolf | | Judy Kay Mausolf on Facebook/JudyKay.Mausolf

Sponsored by Care Credit

Judy Kay MausolfJudy Kay Mausolf is a dental practice management coach, speaker and author with expertise in helping others get happier and more successful! She coaches teams how to grow their practices by becoming better leaders, working together better and delivering service with passion and fun.

She is Past President of National Speakers Association (Minnesota Chapter), Director of Sponsoring Partners for the Speaking Consulting Network, member of the National Speakers Association and Academy of Dental Management Consultants.

Session Title: Drama Queens, Pot Stirrers and Problem Makers! Transform a Toxic Culture into Tremendous

Does your practice suffer from low morale, negative communication and toxic attitudes? Do you have those special people who keep your life interesting? You know the drama queens, pot stirrers or problem makers who make everyone else’s life miserable and yet are unapproachable. Many teams struggle with a toxic culture for lack of knowledge of what to do as well as understanding the total impact it can have on a practice. A toxic culture causes stress and impedes open communication, patient experience, treatment acceptance, team performance, enjoying your work day, feeling happy, and of course a healthy bottom line just to name a few. Discover how to elevate your culture to a level that inspires open communication, prevents breakdowns, eliminates gossip and sarcasm, resolves conflict and builds trust and respect resulting in high performing team and patient relationships! Learn the skills to communicate positively and effectively with different and even difficult personalities. Judy Kay, relationships expert, will share how you can cultivate a happier, heathier and higher performing culture!


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Kate Reid | Nuvolum

Sponsored by Nuvolum

Kate ReidOriginally from Colorado, Kate spent most of her childhood in North Carolina. She graduated from Peace College with dual majors in Business and Biology, with a minor in Chemistry. She began her career as a dental assistant nearly 20 years ago and worked her way to Practice Administrator for a multi-doctor, multi-office oral surgery practice in Central New Jersey. During that time, she was an active member of the JAWS Society, and served on the Board of Directors as Secretary for two years. Most recently, Kate joined the San Francisco Bay Area-based integrated and experiential marketing firm, Nuvolum, as Director of Consulting. Her areas of expertise include team building, training, and empowerment; process improvement; change management; and practice management and growth. She is also a certified Everything DiSC Trainer and leads workshops on utilizing DiSC fundamentals to improve communication and build a cohesive team.

In her free time, Kate enjoys traveling with her husband, running with her two dogs, and cheering on the Denver Broncos.

Session Title: How to Gain a Competitive Advantage by Managing Your Online Reputation

Recognizing external threats and adapting your operational strategy is critical to the success of your practice. This lecture offers valuable insight into the behavior and perception of the patient’s experience as it relates to internal practice management and offers tools for successful solutions. Learn how to create a patient experience that elevates your reputation and places you firmly ahead of your competitors.

Pat Pigoni & Julie Goldberg, DDS | OMSNIC

Presenting Sponsor

Patricia Pigoni

Pat PigoniMs. Pigoni is Senior Vice President and COO for both OMSNIC and its subsidiary Fortress Insurance Company. Ms. Pigoni began her career in medical malpractice in 1987 at IMSIE Mutual Insurance Company in Chicago, Illinois. She joined OMSNIC in 2005, and currently oversees the Risk Management, Claims and Underwriting departments. Ms. Pigoni served as a committee member of the Underwriting Section of the Physician Insurers Association of America from 1999 to 2011. Ms. Pigoni is a director of both OMSNIC and Fortress.


Julie Goldberg, DDS

Julie GoldbergJulie Goldberg is the Dental Education Coordinator at OMSNIC and Fortress. Julie received her dental degree from the University of Illinois and is a licensed dentist in both Illinois and Florida. She is a Chicago area native who has been in private practice in Illinois as well as in the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area, and currently maintains membership with the ADA as well as the Chicago Dental Society. Julie brings her clinical dental experience and knowledge to the Patient Safety and Risk Management Department. Dr. Goldberg has nothing to disclose.

Session Title: Malpractice Insurance: Protecting Your Patients and Your Practice

Medical malpractice insurance provides the OMS practice protection in the event of a patient injury due to an alleged breach in the standard of care. It is important for practice administrators to understand the benefits and provisions of a policy to ensure there is adequate coverage in the event of a claim. However, malpractice insurance should not end there. There are additional services beyond claims defense such as risk management education to further support the practice. This additional service can help identify and anticipate areas of risk, and provide tools and resources to proactively protect both patients and the practice. As the leading malpractice insurance carrier for OMS, OMSNIC will provide an overview of this important coverage and share with you scenarios of how risk management education services can enhance the patient safety initiatives in the OMS practice.

At the end of this presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand malpractice insurance basics and how this important protection supports OMS practices
  • Benefit from the Patient Safety and Risk Management resources on
  • Establish best practices for inter-office and patient communication
  • Implement strategies to help ensure preparation for and appropriate management of in-office emergencies

Tracy Spears | | /TracySpearsSpeaker | Linkedin | Tracy Spears on Twitter @TracyLSpears

Sponsored by TransWorld Systems

Tracy SpearsTracy L. Spears is a Vice President of healthcare at TSI, author, consultant and a member of the National Speakers’ Association. Tracy has coached thousands of professionals through conferences, webinars, broadcasts, and videos improve leadership skills. She co-authored the bestselling book, “What Exceptional Leaders Know” which delivers high-impact skills, strategies and ideas for all types of leaders.

Tracy received her B.A. in Communications from the University of Oklahoma and is an accomplished athlete. She competed in the U.S. Olympic Festival, played in Japan as a member of the United States National Softball Team, and served as a National Junior Olympic Coaching Instructor.

Session Title: What Exceptional Leaders Know

Tracy defines specific skills of proven leadership styles and examines the myriad ways a leader’s influence is demonstrated. Her audience is equipped with effective leadership tools that can be applied immediately, resulting in increased teamwork and employee productivity. In this interactive session, Tracy identifies the most common mistakes made by leaders with adjustment strategies to overcome those challenges. She discusses how these leadership skills are enhanced through an understanding of personality temperament needs, strengths and motivators.

Learning Objectives:
  • Specific skills of proven leadership
  • How to develop your influence as a leader
  • How to enhance your effectiveness as a leader
  • Simple strategies leaders can use immediately for positive outcomes
  • Most common mistakes made by leaders and how to overcome those challenges

Terri Bradley | | /TerriBradleyConsulting | LinkedIn |

Terri Bradley is the owner of Terri Bradley Consulting and OMS Billing Solutions. With a hands-on background spanning more than 30 years Terri is a practice management expert devoted to her clients. She is highly sought after for speaking engagements offering medical /dental/OMS coding and billing workshops across the country. Her publications include the Insurance Solutions Newsletter, Dentistry IQ, and the Fonseca Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery textbook Chapter (Volume III to be released fall 2016). Terri and her team can be reached via email at or by phone: 844-PMC-4OMS. For more information, visit

Session Title: Roundtable

Terri will be leading a 30-minute session to keep all attendees up-to-date on OMS coding and billing hot topics, and then she will moderate a coding roundtable. Submit your questions ahead of time here.

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