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REMINDER: Complete Benchmarking Survey, with Tips

Keith Miller  | Published on 2/23/2017

Dear JAWS Member,

Recently you should have received an invitation to participate in the Financial benchmarking survey from Robert Haney at Aspen Consulting. We strongly encourage you to take the time to complete this survey as we believe it will provide information that is strongly sought after by our members. Our goal is to build upon this process and make this an annual survey. We need all members to complete this survey in order to make the results dynamic, relevant and useful to current and future members.

The survey appears daunting at first because of the level of detail they are requesting. If you can set aside the time (I recommend at least 90 minutes) I think you will find that completion of this survey is very worthwhile. It is recommended you give them as much detail as possible – trying to stay within the categories of expenses they request. Personally, I printed out a copy of my Year End Financials and simply marked out the expenses as I transferred them to the survey. We know there are some categories that must be combined into the “Other expenses not otherwise classified.” For example, Laboratory expenses are not separately categorized. If you have this as a separate line item on your financials, we recommend you roll them into this “Other” category. Please do not add any lines or change any categories on the survey.

One important note – there is a calculation error in the original spreadsheet. Cell F115 should be edited to add Cell F37 to the equation. An updated spreadsheet is also available here if you’d prefer to start with this one. Please remember that we need all sheets completed.

Thanks again for taking the time to fill out this survey. We honestly think this will be excellent information once all surveys are completed and compiled.

If you have questions on the survey, do not hesitate to contact Robert Haney at Aspen for assistance: (440) 238-7033 x127 or


Thank you for your continued support of the JAWS Society.
Keith G. Miller
Administrator – IOMSA
Benchmarking Committee